God is dead, history is over, and all the devils are here.

The left failed to solve the riddle of the 20th century. We did not stake our morality beyond the Cathedral.

Now we have to make our case. The horde is too insistent and free of contradiction: "Why should I be my brother's keeper, when I am the Alpha and Omega?" Maria may be lovely, but we have to answer this without her. 

Civilisation continues to decline.  There's no popular demand to 'make it new', and, at our best, we rightly mourn the modern. We feel that history is over; time has already run out. We are prostrate on a single plateau. Meanwhile, late capitalism intends to exceed the limits of human and planetary life, in thanatotic vainglory. Will human sympathy survive the 22nd century? Can the left endure?

Expect answers, more questions, and nothing more. 

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